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Every month, we assist thousands of people with credit problems. Don't worry about bankruptcy or other issues... our application process is designed to specifically help individuals with credit challenges.


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One of the most common questions we receive about car loans for bad credit is:

Is it actually possible to get an auto loan for bad credit, even a very bad score, or maybe even no credit at all? If so, what's the catch? Thousands of people looking for car loans for bad credit purchase vehicles every day, so it's definitely possible!  The reasons are pretty simple:

In a down economy, where more and more people are experiencing credit challenges (bad credit), banks must become less strict in their lending requirements in order to continue business. A auto loan for bad credit may not have the same interest rate as a car loan on great credit, but banks and dealerships have had to become more competitive because the number of individuals with "perfect credit" is dropping year after year.

That's why when we say we can help you get a car loan regardless of your bad credit problems, we mean it!

We have been in "car loans for bad credit" business since 1989 (online since '99), and we understand how the system works, and how it has changed over the years. Our application process is designed to give you the a chance to evaluate your best options (we specialize in helping obtain car loans for bad credit scores). It only takes a few minutes to apply online, and leave the rest to us!

We can't wait to help satisfy your auto financing needs!

Bankruptcy (Chapter 11 or Chapter 13)?

Not a Problem, We Have Solutions!

Bankruptcy can be a difficult process to go through, finding financing for an auto loan after experiencing Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 should not be. 

We specialize in helping individuals with poor, bad, no credit, and bankruptcy get approved for auto/car financing.   Apply Today!

Customer Testimonials
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Loved Our Experience!

No one could help us with the specific car we were looking for. We also had negative equity in our vehicle that no one wanted to work with us on... We had specific needs and feel every one was met and you really seemed to enjoy helping us. We are difficult customers, but everyone seemed to enjoy helping us with an auto loan. We loved our experience!


Your customer service is AWESOME! ... I'm really happy with the service. We'll be back for our next vehicle.

Thank You So Much!

Everyone was so friendly and helpful. We weren't pushed into anything. Thank you so much!!

Demystify Financing! 

Some of the terms in the car loans for bad credit business, or that are used to describe auto loans for bad credit financing can sometimes seem a little strange. We've compiled a few lists to help take some of the mystery out the vehicle lending process.

Work with the Best!

AutoApproved was formed by a family that has been helping people obtain car loans for bad financing since 1989. We are the best when it comes to matching you with the most competitive finance terms, regardless of your past credit history.

We've Got You Covered!

Our bad credit car loan application is designed especially for auto, car and truck buyers with credit problems, no credit, or unique sub prime auto loan requirements. We also are continually developing articles to help understand auto loans and financing.


We can help you find car loans for bad credit - no problem!

The Place for Auto Loans for Bad Credit

What we do is very simple, we help individuals and families who are buying a vehicle (car, truck, van, etc.) who have poor or bad credit scores get approved for auto loans.  The process is simple: we gather information about the car buyer in order to pair that individual with a car dealer who has the available resources to get them approved for sub-prime auto financing, sometimes with as little as $0 down. is working for car buyer by using our extensive network of relationships to help connect you with the right car dealership to help provide you with the best car loans for bad credit options.

Bad credit.  Poor credit.  No credit.  No matter what your your credit history looks like, we can find the right solution for your automobile lending needs.  We have trained lending professionals working to help meet your financing requirements and partner you with the best lending auto solution.

*The information you provide is for the purpose of arranging vehicle financing, it is not used without your knowledge for other purposes.  See our privacy policy for more information.

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