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Getting Approved,

Easy as ABC!

We work with teachers to get them approved for car loans!
All it takes a few minutes and you can be on your way to getting
your auto loan approved! Don't worry about bad credit, we can
help! Easy as ABC! Here is how it works:
1. Start by clicking "Apply Now!" at the top of the page.
2. Take just a few minutes to fill out our easy online aplication.
3. Leave the rest to us! We will take your secure information and contact our lending sources (our network of financial organizations across the country is huge) to find the perfect match for your lending needs!
4. You will have a car loan agent reach out to you to confirm that you have been approved.
5. Buy a car!!! Get approved today!

I'm a teacher with bad credit, can I still get a car loan?

Don't feel bad if you are asking this question, lots of teachers have the same question, they are wondering if their credit is so bad that they will be denied for a car loan.  The answer is, in most cases, that you CAN get a car loan even with bad credit!  Actually, that's our specialty, helping teachers with bad credit get car loans and auto financing, and it's easy as ABC!
Here are a few of the reasons we know this is possible:


No matter how bad your credit it, it doesn't change the fact that the business of a bank revolves around lending money. One of the things that you have going for you is that in a down economy lots of people end up having bad credit. This forces banks to make a choice between changing how their lending practices work or not giving car loans. They chose to give the car loans and change their practices in order to meet the demand of the current economic forecast. This works in the favor of the teacher buying a car with bad credit. It means that banks and dealerships are more likely to loan you money for a car and to give you auto financing, no matter how bad your credit is.


Car loans are secured loans. This means that a teacher looking to buy a car with a bad credit car loan has something backing the financial commitment of the car loan. This helps banks and car dealerships to lean in the direction of giving you a bad credit car loan as a teacher because they know that the car is securing the loan. Actually, sometimes a person who has gone through bankruptcy can actually get a loan from a financial institution because the car dealership or bank knows that the person has less financial commitments than a person with pretty good credit. There are ways to get you approved for a car loan and help you buy a car as a teacher, that's why we exist!


Competition is good for you in this case! What it means is that every car dealership is vying for the same customer base (you, the teacher buying a car). The car dealership has created ways to engage customers, one of those ways is to find ways to finance bad credit loans (they know that bad credit doesn't mean, "I don't pay my bills"). Car dealerships will even offer "no money down" programs to get you to buy a car through them. This gives you financing options, as a teacher, that you might not find otherwise.

Get Schooled on

Finance Language!

Some of the terms in the car loans for bad credit business, or that are used to describe auto loans for bad credit financing can sometimes seem a little strange. We've compiled a few lists to help take some of the mystery out the vehicle lending process.

Automobile Finance and Insurance
Car Loan Legal Terms
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