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Our Top 3 Financing Recommendations
for Bad Credit

If you’re stuck with bad credit, and you’re worried about getting a car loan, you can use our handy free car loan payment calculator to determine what kind of budget you fall in, and what your monthly payments will look like. But aside from our free tools, we also want to offer our best knowledge and advice to help you get the best loan possible for your credit score.

We want you to work on rebuilding your credit, and we know that with the correct kind of loan, and by staying on top of your monthly payments, you can get that credit off the ground in no time.

Here are our top 3 financing recommendations to get the best loan possible for you:

1. Terms
Let’s talk terms! We recommend establishing a financing plan for no longer than 60 months. Anything longer than 60 months, and you’re just paying way too much in the long run. You don’t want to risk suffering from bad interest rates and giant payments you can’t afford. Instead, we recommend opting for a lower-priced car so that you can achieve lower car payments each month.

2. Loan Rates
You need to do a little bit of shopping around to find the lowest car loan interest rates. Don’t get roped into something that sounds like a good deal, only to find out that the APR is way too high for you to afford. Interest rates can get ridiculous, and it’s our job to help you find the lowest loan interest rates. The good news is, that when you apply with us, we do the shopping around for you! Get approved with us today!

3. How Much Cash Down Payment Do You Have
Cash down payment is a powerful thing. If you can manage it, try putting at least 20% down as cash down payment for your car loan. This will significantly lower the amount you will end up owing, which means your overall monthly payments will be a lot lower as well. By putting down a down payment, you are saving yourself from the struggle of monthly payments in the long run.

We Have the Knowledge & Experience to Get You Approved!

We can help you out of any sticky situation, no matter what your credit looks like. If you have bad credit, it is our goal to help you find the right auto financing you are looking for. That’s why we have our free online auto payment calculator to help you determine how much you want to spend on monthly payments.

We’ve been in the industry since 1989 - our experience and knowledge can help you get you approved! We look forward to getting your car financed, no matter your credit history!