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First Time Auto Loan?

Get started today and apply for our first time car buyer programs - we can get you approved, even with no credit at all! Apply today and get approved for an auto loan to buy your first car!

Can I get approved for a first time car buyers program with no credit?

It can be a daunting task to buy your first car, and not having any credit history to pull from can cause you to wonder if it's possible to buy a car without any credit and what programs may be available to you. You can buy a car with no credit history, we've gotten thousands approved and can help you as well.  Here are some reasons why we know we can get you approved:


Banks and financing institutions are in the business of giving loans to people just like you because it makes good sense. They know that you have to start somewhere with no credit history. And in order to buy a car, you have to find new car financing somewhere. This means that banks have specific programs to work with people with no credit to help match them with the car financing they need. Banks give loans for car buyers, it's what they do. The key is finding institutions that are structured to work with first time car buyers and have programs for them. That's why we created First Time Auto Loan, to connect you to the lenders with the financing options to get you approved for an auto loan with no credit history!


Buying a car with a auto loan is actually a reduced risk loan for the finance institution or car dealership because car loans are secured loans. This means that even though you don't have any credit that the car itself guarantees the loan. The car is the collateral on the car loan itself, the car secures the loan. These programs for new car buyers with secured auto loans mean that it's easier to help you to get a car loan.


When you are buying a car for the first time, especially at a new car dealership, you will find that there is a lot of competition around the programs they offer to get your car buying business. One of the programs you may find when being a first time car buyer is a no money down opportunity. This is where you get a car loan and don't have to put any money down to get the auto loan. Car dealerships are all competing for your business. Car dealerships not only want to make the car loan to you, they also want to make a sale in order to receive the incentives from the manufacturer. Car dealerships will even go to the lengths of selling a car with little or no profit in order to get these very lucrative incentives. This is why they offer so many first time car buyer programs, to get the incentives! Let us help you get approved for your first auto loan today!

Lending Terms Decoded for the First Time Car Buyer!

To be honest, the words that car dealerships use and banking institutions when funding car loans are very confusing. We have put together this glossary of terms to help you better understand financing terms and language when buying your first car!

Automobile Finance and Insurance
Car Loan Legal Terms
Credit Related

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